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Our Agency, through the Management activity, offers a service tight to a comprehensive Yacht direction, allowing the Owners to enjoy, completely, of their own spare time and passion for the sea.

This service is addressing to:

Privates: We offer them a complete service for clearing off nautical paperwork and documents, which charter boats need, and much more that you can find in the page "Services"..

Leasing Company:
More specifically the Yacht Asset Management service can be applied to already existing or new contracts and it aims to manage and oversee of Goods, from yachts in default recovering, to checking all the documents required by Low.

Our offer considers two different programs:

  1. YAM Maintenance Program, whose purpose is to reduce any technical-operative risk, monitoring and checking the yacht for the total duration of the Leasing contract.

  2. YAM Restoration Program, whose purpose is to restore Good's safety conditions, also in the remarketing prospective.

For knowing more it's possible to download our elucidated Brochure. Dowload PDF Brochure